The 2012 Nissan GT-R

Like its predecessors, the 2012 Nissan GT-R is designed to be a beast of a vehicle. Boasting specs that should make many Porsches nervous, the GT-R straddles the line between daily driver and full-blown race car. Though the car comes with an intimidating price tag of almost a hundred grand, many consider it to be a bargain in its class.


One of the side effects of the earthquake that recently struck Japan is the possible delay of the 2012 GT-R. Unfortunately for all involved, the disaster on the main island of Honshu has wiped out many of the manufacturing facilities needed to produce the GT-R. Moreover, many of the workers whose labor is necessary to build the GT-R have had their lives shattered by the forces of nature. Before the GT-R can be built, the factories must be rebuilt. As such orders may not be filled on time.


Squeezing out well over five hundred horsepower from a six cylinder engine is impressive, as is the car’s 488 foot pounds of torque. Both specs are up significantly from last year. Combined, they allow the latest GT-R to go from 0-60 mph in under three seconds (2.9, according to the manufacturer), which is nothing short of astounding. This is facilitated in large part by the all-wheel drives system that transfers energy from the engine to the wheels.


The GT-R bears some shiny parts. I speak of course of the high end HID headlights that come standard on all models. Truly, xenon is the noblest of gases (chemistry joke). With its ability to shine significantly brighter than halogen lamps, HID headlights are the way to go, providing you can afford them. Equally nifty are the factory wheels; lightweight, 20-inch forged aluminum wheels by Rays. Also noteworthy is the spoiler. In an era where spoilers come standard on pretty much everything on the market, the GT-R’s rear spoiler is refreshingly functional.


In colloquial terms, the 2012 GT-R is a beast. With specs that make it a serious contender in its class, and a price that seems lower than it should be, it’s no wonder the vehicle is highly sought after by car enthusiasts.   

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