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An Inside Look at the C7 ZR1

With all of the hype and media coverage surrounding the C7 Corvette,   I thought I would call one of my most trusted sources at GM to get the inside scoop on the C7 ZR1 Corvette.  The code name that GM has given this vehicle is “RipUrHeadOffAndShitDownUrNeck” What I am about to tell you is completely classified but hey it’s the internet and people need to know these things. With two more years until the release of this beast I will whet your appetite with my findings.


Engine:  This is the one we have all been waiting for.  Since the Horsepower war is on the ZR1 is not going to let up.  My source tells me that the new engine will consist of a 9.0L small block with big block bore spacing.  The engine will be constructed of titanium to save weight of course. It will feature 2 Garrett GTX classified turbo chargers that will make power from 1000 rpm to 10000 rpm.  To assist with low end torque an additional supercharger will be mounted on top of the intake. The supercharger is said to add an additional 400 hp and improve efficiency because it is electric.  I asked my source if this was the same electric supercharger used in the Mad Max movie and he declined to comment.  It will also feature the over head valve design because GM insists that it is the only way to fit the 9.0L under the hood of the C7 ZR1.  The engine will also feature cylinder deactivation to save fuel.  When running on 4 cylinders this motor will still generate and astronomical 627 HP and get 46 mpg.  When running on all 8 cylinders the motor will generate a full 1572 HP.  It sounds like they are taking no chance on loosing this Horsepower war.  

Transmission:  With all of this power on tap the transmission has to be up to the challenge and my insider tells me that it will be a quadruple clutch 16 speed clutch less transmission with 2 reverse gears ( in case you want to get arrested in reverse).  The technology in this transmission will allow for a full launch with launch control activated at 7400 RPMS.  I have been told that “yes the tires will slip a bit on launch but the driver will be in full control” thanks to the DTC active handling algorithm developed by GM and Google engineers.

Active Handling: This is the secret sauce.  My source informed me that the brightest minds have worked so no one will ever kill themselves while driving the new ZR1.  The car will have an electric motor at each wheel that work against the drive train.  The system is similar to a hybrid car but the electric motors will act as brakes controlling each wheel in .0000001 mill seconds.  This technology is said to have trickled down from the Chevy Volt so it will add no additional cost to the car. My source could not go any farther in detail until the ZR1 release gets closer.

Interior:  The interior will not be upgraded, in fact it will use the old interior from the C5 corvette.  The bean counters at GM insisted that this was the way to save cost so they could build this car.  With this package you get high rich Corinthian plastic that feel hard to the touch and shines like a gold tooth on a pimp.  I was told that they might even give it the 1984 C4 Corvette electronic dash and gauges if they can find tooling in the basement of the Bowling Green Facility.  With this interior package you also get the seats from the C5 Corvette.  Those same seats have been praised for the lack of lateral support and long lasting pleather hides. When I asked my source if he thought it would deter buyers who are accustomed to fine interiors like Porsche offers he insisted that “ They will thank us for this easy to clean no frills interior the first time they touch the throttle and soil they’re pants.”  Fair enough…

So now for the part you all want to know.  What are the numbers on this car, how does it perform?  Well this is just speculation because the car is still in prototype stages but my numbers indicate the following:

0-60 = 1.3 seconds with rollout and launch control (can only be used 1 time as tires will vaporize)

¼ mile time = 8.2 seconds if all goes well with your launch and you have tires and transmission left at the end of the track.

Cornering Gs = 1.9 G with aftermarket race seats (factory C5 seats will cause driver to slide and impale themselves on the hard plastic console and abort run)

Fuel Economy = 46 mpg when operating at idle in 16th gear

Estimated Base Price: $98,000 (no price increase thanks to the cost savings of the C5 and C4 Interior)


This just shows you that American Car companies can build a super car and at a fraction of the price of these foreign exotic brands.


Disclaimer:  I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this information because my inside source has a drinking problem. He also informed me that he works for GM and in our later conversations he said the name of the company was Got Mylanta Inc.

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Chris Glardon