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Audi currently uses LED lights on almost all vehicles. Picture from carreview.com.

The Newest Trend In Lights: LED Tail Lights

One of the great trends of 2012 for new vehicles has been the use of LED taillights. LED, or light emitting diodes, are super bright, yet a small and energy efferent form of lighting that has seen more and more automotive uses. Currently the automotive aftermarket has surged in demand for LED taillights and Slickcar.com is your first and only stop for all your LED taillight needs.

In many smaller applications, LED lights have been used for years. From bicycle lights to flash lights, these small lights have emitted enough power to help you find your way. But not until recently has this technology helped the automotive world. Starting with accessories and smaller internal applications, LED lights have helped your vehicle have Angel Eyes or even change the mood or brightness of the interior. Today, LED taillights are the hottest part to have on your vehicle.


Aftermarket LED tail lights for a 2001 BMW 7 series. Available today from Slickcar.com.

From Audi to Range Rover, and everything in between, many OEM applications have turned to LED taillights not only for aesthetic reasons, but for safety. Since these are brighter and the relay to ignite the light is faster, the drivers in the vehicles behind will be able to react sooner and will be able to see the lights in any type of scenario.

Slickcar.com currently offers an excellent selection of LED brake lights for many makes and models of cars and trucks from some of the top aftermarket accessory manufacturers on the planet. For example, take a look at the Eurostar LED taillights for 2002-2004 Cadillac Escalades. Available in chrome with clear lens or chrome with a smoke, or tinted, lens, these slick LED taillights will upgrade your look to the current generation’s style!

Personally, I love the classy look of upgrading lights while retaining the look of the OEM design. A great example of this is the LED Tail Lights for the 2009 GMC Sierra by KS. These DOT and SAE approved brakelights offers the greatest in OEM design while upgrading to LED lighting.

Although many people have stayed away from installing LED and xenon lights in the past, don’t let it stop you today because all of our LED brake lights are complete plug-n-play installation. By using the factory wiring harness, your new rear LED lights will plug directly into the existing brake light socket. Also, in some cases, the LED lights will even power your driving lights and turn signals. If the LED lights are not responsible for this type of work, don’t worry as your specific application will be made to fit your existing lamps.

Are you interested in finding a set of LED taillights for your car or have you already fitted them to your ride? Let us know and even upload a picture of your work! We would love to see how slick your car is because of slickcar.com!

Chris Glardon