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Take a Look at the History of the Charger

75281_Front_3-4_WebSpeaking of Barrett Jackson, a staple of American Muscle has always been the Dodge Charger. From the General Lee to the latest four door muscle car from dodge, the Charger has always been about power and class. However, over many generations, the large two door coupe and modern four door sedan have taken many different looks.

Slickcar.com has produced this stunning piece of art to help you understand the generations of the Charger. From its origination in 1966 to discussing the latest SRT-8, this infographic is awesome! Check it out here!

And, if you are one of the lucky owners of a Charger, check out our huge amount of aftermarket accessories specifically for your Charger! From lights to exhaust systems and more, we have everything you need to make your car slick!
Chris Glardon


Auction Week in Full Effect!

138389_Front_3-4_WebIf you haven’t notice, this week is auction week in Scottsdale, Arizona. From Bentley’s to Beemers, Pontiacs to Porsches, everything has a price tag this week! My personal favorite auction is Barrett-Jackson. Even though they have multiple auctions a year, the Scottsdale one is their most prominent and respected auction and usually brings multiple multimillion dollars vehicle this year.

138389_Side_Profile_WebThis year I came across an awesome Porsche that I absolutely feel in love with: the 1986 Porsche 959 Prototype. As a kid, I dreamed of this car on a daily basis. Whether it is staring at the posted on my wall, trying to draw one on my notebook, or playing one in a videogame, to me this was the first supercar! A little background of this car says that this is one of twenty-nine 959 prototypes were built on a regular 930 Turbo chassis and then converted into what you see today. From these 29 units, it is said that only two running prototypes exist and this one is even comes with the original preproduction Dunlop tires where the manufactured version came standard with Bridgestone’s.

Classic cars and muscle cars are the staple of Barrett Jackson and while the ones in original condition are hard to find, even the ones with aftermarket parts are still hot. From aftermarket chrome door handles to carbon fiber hoods, we have the latest accessories to turn your daily driver into an all-out show car! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, turn your car into a slickcar!

Chris Glardon