Fog Lights for these specific models:

Fog Lights For Cars

Some countries in the world have made it mandatory for all cars, trucks, buses and any type of automobile to have auxiliary fog lamps. Likewise, many countries have specific regulations as to what type of fog lights must be used although they do not make it a must for all and sundry.

Fog lights are integral to automobile lightings. These lamps are not the normal auxiliary lamps that are used to light up the road ahead or behind the cars. Fog lamps have a specific purpose of increasing visibility during poor weather conditions.

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Fog Lights For Safety

The four major weather conditions that can lead to unsafe driving conditions are fog, rain, snow and storm. It is easy to understand why fog creates an unsafe scenario as the worst of fogs can bring down visibility to as low as 10 meters. Likewise, rain and snow can become extremely hazardous by blurring visibility and making it very hard for drivers to learn of what is ahead and what’s coming from behind. Storms when stirring up dust, dirt and debris can be a challenge but normally storms without associated rain or snow do not normally require fog lights.

Fog lights are used to penetrate through the fog, rain or snow and enable drivers to see. This is the only purpose and reason to have fog lights. Many car owners and especially car lovers use fog lights for cosmetic purposes. While most countries do not restrict such uses, in reality fog lights are very essential when weather conditions are poor.

Types of Fog Lights

There are predominantly two types of fog lights – white fog lights and yellow fog lights. Red fog lights are also used in many countries for the rear lighting of the cars but it is a rarity around the world.

The white fog lights and the yellow fog lights have the same purpose, installed in the same place and are used in the same manner. However, there is a small but significant difference between white and yellow fog lights. White fog lights exude bright lights that can illuminate a huge area but they are not very effective at penetrating through a large distance. Yellow fog lights would not light up the immediate surroundings of the cars but go a long way to enhance visibility.

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